Fusion yoga

news: Fusion yoga

YOGA HAS been practised in many cultures for many years and for many reasons. In western culture, it has been seen as a pastime for hippies, but more recently (and thanks to Madonna) as a fashionable hobby and even the answer to weight loss.

Tarana, a holistic masseuse, crystal therapist, Reiki master and yoga instructor, is leading a yoga class at Café Inglês in Silves (Tuesdays from 7pm and Fridays from 11am) and sees yoga as a spiritual event. Her classes combine deep, internal energies and breathing with the physical movements of yoga. Teaching Hatha based yoga with Ashtanga components, Tarana’s classes use traditional techniques with modern, western influences. Using different exercises, Tarana will help strengthen and balance your physical body, before doing the same to your inner self.

Training the physical body naturally leads to training the mind. The ability to centre your mind and focus your thoughts helps yoga practitioners become more patient, less angry, able to heal emotional wounds, nourish self-confidence, overcome limitations or anxieties and help see their potential.

Tarana sees her classes as a way to massage your inner organs, giving you an internal as well as an external workout. By becoming more in touch with your body, by being aware of your breath and deliberately and rhythmically changing the flow of air, you open the door to an inner journey which soothes the nervous system, relieves anxiety, calms, balances and detoxifies your body and mind.

If you would like to let go of your ego and benefit from this amazing experience, contact Tarana on 935 156 101.