Further slaughter by pack of stray dogs

A pack of stray dogs in the Porto area descended on a local adventure park on Monday night, savaging a number of sheep.

Some of the animals died instantly, say reports, others suffered bite wounds and associated trauma.

This is just the latest report of damages caused by stray dogs whose numbers are increasing since the law came in to ban euthanasia in municipal kennels.

The results, as so many vets and animal rescuers predicted (click here), are that too many dogs are being left to breed and run out of control ‘in the wild’.

The attack on the Parque Aventura, said to have involved four dogs, has seen managing company Lipor “reinforce” security and “hire a specialised team for the capture of dog packs”.

The injured animals “have been duly treated”, while local authorities have all been informed.

Commentary underneath the various media stories highlights the fact that these kind of attacks are becoming more and more commonplace (click here).

Said one online reader, “this is the result of laws created without thought of the consequences of not collecting strays because the kennels are full. This isn’t the first incident this year. It’s only news because the site is a (public) leisure space”.

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