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Further heartbreak for parents who lost son following altercation with British bouncer

The Portuguese parents of Ricardo Teixeira – the 23-year-old who died after being elbowed by a British bouncer in Albufeira in 2011 – have suffered another blow.

Court costs in their fight for justice have come to over €1,000, writes Correio da Manhã, and although bouncer John Hodgson has been ordered to pay them €138,000 in damages, he has never shown-up to face his sentence.

Indeed, Hodgson is unlikely to ever come to Portugal again.

He was condemned to seven-years in jail and ordered to pay damages last February (click here) but has not been seen on national soil since 2011.

In March, an anonymous source contacted us to say that Hodgson had “no intention of handing himself in to serve his sentence”, and police in his home county of Kent had “no interest” in arresting him.

“My son was killed and the person who killed him, in spite of being condemned, may never go to prison, let alone pay the damages.

“But my husband and I have to pay legal costs,” Ricardo’s mother Helena Barrocas has told CM, adding that she does not know why people seek justice “when justice is never done”.

As the public prosecutor explained during the February hearing, Hodgson never meant to kill the young man.

Indeed, he was not even aware that his intervention had such tragic results, as he turned his back on the youth, returning to the bar in front of which they had their altercation, at the same time that Teixeira fell backwards from the blow from Hodgson’s elbow.

Teixeira sustained fatal head injuries, from which he died in hospital days later.