Furniture from all around the world in Almancil

You’ve probably noticed that a new and rather different furniture shop has opened its doors in Almancil. “I love furniture and different styles of interior design”, tells us Donna Vinall, the owner of Algarve Elegance, who promises us that here we’ll find unique pieces we won’t see anywhere else.

While showing us around Algarve Elegance, she tells us that many styles have influenced her whilst travelling for six months to several countries across the world. “I’ve always chosen very different furniture within my homes, I love that feeling of loving a room style and feeling completely at ease and relaxed when I’m in my own house”, she adds.

Not being a designer, she assures us that her excitement and ideas don’t fall any short of those of a ‘professional’ and that every time she looks at a place she creates, an overwhelming sense of pride fills her heart and soul.

Donna and her husband bought a ruin in Portugal and spent eighteen months designing and creating it in a very different style. “At first, all local people laughed and thought what on earth were we doing, but once it was finished their eyes lit up and they were truly and pleasantly surprised”, they tell us. However, when they tried to buy furniture here, they found hard to get what they were looking for and found styles to be very similar. They thus decided to open their own furniture shop and get styles from all across the world and ranging from the very elegant chandeliers and beds, to quirky lamps and pieces that nobody has seen before.

We strongly suggest stopping by this beautiful Aladdin’s cave of furniture and decorating elements and discover all the amazing pieces handpicked by Donna and her husband.

PT: (+351) 960 116 390
UK: +44 (0)7393 192 960

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