Funeral with wrong body flagged in Chaves

A distressing case of “body snatching” came to light when a Chaves family discovered it had buried the wrong body. “Someone should be made responsible,” grieving daughter Vera Meireles complained. “I saw the body and thought ‘that’s not my father’. We were saying goodbye to someone who had nothing to do with us.” The truth was confirmed when Chaves hospital discovered it still had Sr Meireles’ body in the morgue.

Thus the Meireles’ family had once again to gather together for a second funeral – while loved ones of 85-year-old “Américo” of nearby Seara Velha were presented with something of a ‘fait accompli’.

Covering the story today (Wednesday), Correio da Manhã revealed that Chaves hospital has said it is not responsible for the mix-up, while the funeral agency involved has refused point blank to talk about it.

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