Funds available for Portuguese companies

Portuguese companies can now apply for €220 million worth of so-called ‘Revitalizar’ funds, which were announced in February by the government.

The main objective is to strengthen the economic welfare of small and medium-sized enterprises in Portugal, giving them wider access to credit and, therefore, aiding in their development and internationalisation.

The centre and northern regions of the country are expected to receive €80 million, while the south will obtain €60 million out of the total of €220 million, provided equally by community funds and the Bank of Portugal.

Any company can apply, although the action is aimed mainly at the small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies that are in debt to the tax authorities must have already commenced a process to settle their obligations in order to apply.

Support will be mostly provided to enterprises in the industry, energy, commerce, transports and logistics, tourism, services and construction sectors.

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