Fundraising lunch success

A charity lunch held by the Friends of Canil de Portimão (FCP) association on April 13 raised enough funds to refill medicine supplies, allow several sterilisations and build a much needed extension at the kennel for the homeless dogs and cats living there.

FCP is a non-profit organisation that consists of a voluntary group of multinational Algarve residents who donate their time to provide aid and assistance to abandoned animals (see Algarve Resident edition March 2 for further information).

The Italian themed lunch was sold out and attended by Portuguese, English, German and Dutch nationals.

Patricia de Nieuwe, a founder of FCP, told the Algarve Resident: “The lunch was a huge success, everyone enjoyed good food in nice company and went home with a great charitable feeling.

“Through a much appreciated donation we are now going to be able to build some extra space for the animals and we welcome all to come and see,” she added.

For more information about FCP or to make a donation, please contact 969 802 792 or see