RCEPI dinner
Catering students served a fine dining dinner for 70 guests

Fundraising for Rotary summer camps

The charity dinner raised €1,275 to enable five students to attend summer camps

Students from the Pinheiro e Rosa group of schools hosted a fine dining charity dinner on Wednesday, April 26 at the Poeta Emiliano da Costa school in Estoi, organised by the Rotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI). The event was held to raise funds for five students from the school to attend Rotary summer camps organised by RCEPI member Raymond Parfait.

The dinner, prepared and served entirely by the catering students, was a huge success, with 70 guests from the local and international community in attendance. Fado singer Teresa Viola provided entertainment for the evening, adding to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Director of the Pinheiro e Rosa group of schools, Francisco Manuel Conde Soares, expressed his gratitude to the students and guests for their hard work and participation in creating a wonderful experience for all involved.

The event raised €1,275 to enable the five students to attend the Rotary summer camps, where they will have the opportunity to interact with young people from different cultures and backgrounds, with the aim of improving international understanding and fostering peace.

One of the students going to a camp in the Czech Republic is Margarida. She is a local girl who was born with a congenital hip condition. RCEPI helped to raise enough funds for her to have two operations to enable her to walk and not have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Raymond Parfait, RCEPI member and organiser of the Rotary summer camps in Portugal, spoke of his joy in helping young people to interact with others throughout the world, while also playing a part in one of Rotary International’s key principles of fostering peace and understanding.

Rotary Estoi Palace International is committed to improving the lives of those in the local community and beyond.

Further information about the organisation can be found at www.rotaryestoipalace.org