Fundraising for HIV/Aids victims in Portugal

A FUNDRAISING campaign for children with HIV/Aids is being launched today (Friday).

The annual event, which is a nationwide initiative and runs until Sunday, December 2, is organised by Abraço, a non-profit making organisation working with children with HIV/Aids.

In Lisbon, the campaign is to be held at Amoreiras Shopping, Saldanha Residence, Oeiras Parque, Cascais Villa, Almada Forum, CC 7ª Avenida, as well as on the streets.

The Porto campaign will be held at the Bulhão and Bom Sucesso traditional markets, at the Cidade do Porto Shopping and on the streets.  Abraço will also be running the fundraising campaign in Funchal, on Madeira Island, where donations may be made at local pharmacies, schools and câmaras.

• To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Abraço is organising a special charity night next weekend at the Lisbon Casino.

A special music event, named Remember Bairro Alto, will be held on Saturday, December 8, with well-known national DJs due to perform. Tickets cost five euros.

The show is followed by a gala dinner, where a charity auction is scheduled to take place. Tickets for the gala dinner cost 65 euros and include wine and an open bar at the Arena Lounge.

On the Sunday, there is a concert by the Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (LUME). Entrance is free.

All the money raised in both events is to support Abraço’s working centres in Portugal.

Reservations can be made until December 7 by email [email protected] or by telephone 218 929 043.

• The annual Drag Artists Night gala show is being held on Sunday at Teatro São Luiz.

The event is part of the celebrations of the World Day Against Aids and tickets’ income will go to Abraço working centres in Lisbon, Setúbal, Gaia and Funchal.

The gala, which is now going in its 15th year, is organised by Lisbon Câmara and Abraço and has the participation of many well known people from different areas of show business in Portugal.

Tickets cost between 15 and 30 euros and further information is available by calling

213 257 650.

HIV facts:

– There are now 33.2 million people living with HIV worldwide

– HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system

– A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak it can no longer fight off a range of diseases with which it would normally cope.

– There is no cure for HIV but treatment can keep the virus under control and the immune system healthy.

You can get HIV from:

• Sex without a condom with someone living with HIV

• Sharing infected needles, syringes or other injecting drug equipment

• From an HIV-positive mother (to her child) during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding

You can’t get HIV from:

• Kissing or touching

• Spitting, coughing or sneezing

• Toilet seats, swimming pools, or shared facilities or utensils

If you think you have placed yourself at risk from infection by HIV, you can ask for a free and confidential test at your local health clinic.

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