Pedro Calado
Pedro Calado, above, and the two others arrested on Wednesday, will remain in police custody through the weekend due to judicial questioning having been postponed until Monday. Image: Lusa

Funchal mayor renounces position ahead of judicial hearing in Lisbon

As expected, Pedro Calado – the now former mayor of Funchal, Madeira, renounced his position ahead of the judicial hearing scheduled to begin today in Lisbon. Calado is one of three men arrested in the corruption probe that has scuttled the Madeiran government. Today’s hearing (to give all three the opportunity to explain themselves) was scheduled to start at 2pm, but has been postponed till Monday. Monday should also see the PSD party name a figure to take over from the regional governor, Miguel Albuquerque, who announced he would be stepping aside yesterday due to the welter of suspicion hanging over him. President Marcelo has admitted that with Albuquerque’s resignation, he will have no alternative but to let the regional government fall. It is simply not clear how this will happen, bearing in mind that Madeira’s parliament cannot be dissolved until March, as the current government only took office in September, and there has to be a period of six months between dissolutions.