Fun dog show on the west coast

Do you and your dog look alike? It has long been said that dog owners look like their pets and it’s a subject that has left scientists bemused for years.

But new research by Kwansai Gakuin University in Japan says the resemblance is no coincidence and found strangers can pair up owners and their dogs with an 80% degree of accuracy!

If you want to test the theory go along to a Fun Dog Show on the Algarve’s West Coast.

There are 17 classes to be judged through the day, including a class for the dog displaying the best trick – and one for the dog that most resembles its owner.

The show takes place on Saturday, April 18 at Churrasqueira Mendes, Vales, outside Aljezur, with all proceeds going to local animal charity AEZA (Associação Ecologista e Zoófila de Aljezur, or Association for Environment and Animal Protection of Aljezur) ) which has organised the event.

Others classes are for mixed breeds, best rescue dogs from AEZA, pedigree, child handlers, obedience and agility, with rosettes for the first five places in each class.

Admission is €2 with free entry for dog handlers and children under 10, and the day will end with a Best in Show parade, the winners from each class competing against each other for best dog in show.

You can find more information, including show rules on the AEZA website: