Fun charity dinner in support of abandoned animals

An animal welfare organisation in the Algarve is holding a charity dinner at the Hilton Vilamoura on Friday, March 21, to raise much-needed funds for abandoned and ‘at risk’ animals.
ADACNR (or in full Associação de Defesa dos Animais Carenciados e Necessitados de Rua) is a small group of volunteers dedicated to improving the welfare of neglected animals. Its mission and funding (solely donation based) concentrates on issues such as animal sterilisation, urgent medical care, foster homes, and, ultimately, sourcing permanent homes and funding for pet travel to new homes both in Portugal and abroad.
ADACNR is not a rescue centre but rely on individuals. Currently there are numerous puppies and dogs in foster care, being raised within a household environment and being socialised with a view to making the transition into a permanent home smoother.
Sue Sykes from ADACNR told the Resident: “It is simply not possible to save every dog. Huge numbers are being abandoned, many by expats returning home, and sometimes we see terrible things that we can do nothing about. But the hard work can be very rewarding and we do witness some lovely happy endings.”
The fundraiser next week includes dinner and live entertainment with the popular Daddy Jack Band and DJ Foxy from Magic FM. Tickets cost €35 per person.
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Photo: Frankie’s owners stopped the car just outside Silves, opened the door and threw his toy for him to chase. When he ran to fetch it, they drove away, leaving him standing forlornly with his only friend. ADACNR found Frankie, had him chipped and vaccinated, and found him and his toy a new home in the UK