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Full Monty success in Carvoeiro

A Full Monty performance on April 9 in Mungos Bar, The Black Stove and The Round Up Saloon in Carvoeiro raised more than €400 for charity.

The performances were part of fundraising efforts by Jen Hurst, who will be running the London Marathon on Sunday to raise money for the Gauchers Association (see the Algarve Resident edition February 18).

Jen Hurst told the Algarve Resident: “Thank you so much for the article in the Algarve Resident. So many people came to support. It was amazing! We had a truly fabulous evening and the boys were fab. I have now passed my target of £1,500!”

Taking part in the show were Elliot Hurst, Jen’s son, along with friends Will Bates, Ellis Munelly, Thomas Calvailles, Eden Munelly and Patrick Hawker.

Will, Ellis and Eden flew in especially from the UK.

Jen said: “Special thanks go to three bars who were great sports in letting us host the event.”