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Fulfilling dreams for 10 years

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Silves-based charity Castelo dos Sonhos, an association that helps underprivileged people in the local area.

For the first time, there will be no picnic in the park fundraising event for the charity because organisers were unable to find a suitable venue.

However, the charity is celebrating the first steps towards opening a Castelo dos Sonhos institution in Silves.

Liliana Rodrigues, the president of Castelo dos Sonhos, said: “After 10 years, my dreams are beginning to take shape and we now have authorisation to start our project for the institution.

“The Câmara has approved a piece of land and plans have been approved for Castelo dos Sonhos to move into this new location, which will include an office, baby shop, laundry centre and food distribution centre.”

So far, many local businesses have already donated furniture and fittings while a local resident, Isabel Neves, has given the use of an office and food store free of charge, while the charity awaits the completion of the project.

“When the project is underway we will be looking, as always, for support. Much help is still needed for young mums, babies and the elderly and we also need supplies of building materials for the project,” said Liliana Rodrigues.

She added: “The Castelo is the only ‘people’ charity in Silves and relies heavily on donations and support of local residents. We would like to thank everyone for their past and continued support.”

For further information or details about how to make a donation, please call 282 332 665.