Fulfil your dreams

AN EXPRESS cruiser or motor yacht is something that many dream of owning. How would you like to cruise off into the sunset, drop anchor close to a deserted island and bask in the sun on deck? Have you always yearned to own an express cruiser and to sample the wonders below deck as you have watched them silently cruise past? Now, with the help of Eric Guerreiro and Jamie Blanshard, your dreams can be fulfilled and yearnings satisfied.

Based in Vilamoura, Eric Guerreiro, in partnership with Jamie Blanshard of Ebbtide Marine, an independent marine engineering company established in Southampton, UK, for over 13 years, has set up the Algarve’s first ever Fairline cruiser dealership. With 15 years previous experience in the world of boating, Eric took the step of bringing Fairline to Portugal at the start of 2006.

The hugely successful Fairline enterprise started 40 years ago and today it still offers boats that delight, exhilarate and astonish owners. The beauty, integrity and seafaring pragmatism of all of the Fairline range gives their owners comfort, confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they are the best that money can buy. Whether you would like a luxury express motor yacht or a long-range cruiser, Fairline will have just the boat for you. And, as all Fairline cruisers have been made to the highest standard of quality, you are sure to be whisked off your feet by your new purchase.

As a Fairline dealership, Eric represents one of the most highly successful companies in the boating world, a success that is found in all its dealerships worldwide. With his intimate knowledge and experience of Fairline boats, yachts and cruisers, Eric will guide you through Fairline’s six models in the Targa, Squadron and Phantom ranges of luxury express and long-range cruisers, to find the right Fairline for you. He can also help you take advantage of the buoyant brokerage market, assisting you to trade-in and upgrade your Fairline smoothly and easily.

After working in the UK for many years, Eric wanted to bring the high standards of British professionalism and customer satisfaction to Portugal, not only within the sales department but also in the service and maintenance area. That is where Jamie steps in. His company Ebbtide will service, maintain, clean and look after your Fairline for you during the busy summer months as well as in the darker winter months when it is moored in the harbour. With Eric and Jamie, you get the whole package, friendly and professional help, backed up with years of experience to answer every question and fulfil your every need.

Soon, Vilamoura won’t be the only area in the Algarve to benefit from a Fairline dealership. Within the coming years, Eric hopes to open up offices in Portimão and Lagos, giving more people the opportunity to experience the quality and satisfaction of owning one of the world’s most luxurious cruisers ever to grace the water.

For more information about Fairline products, contact Eric on 282 327 030, or visit his website at www.fairlinealgarve.com. For information about repairs, maintenance or services to Fairline boats or any other make of boat, contact Jamie on 912 899 318 or e-mail [email protected]