Fuel retailers re-think future of business

THE HIGH price of petrol is encouraging an increasing number of Portuguese to leave their cars at home, resulting in falling fuel sales at petrol stations, with some companies claiming they may have to reduce their staff numbers.

“With so many petrol price rises, sales are falling and we may have to re-think our business. We will have to close for some hours, maybe stop opening at night-time, reduce expenses on lighting and even go as far as dismiss staff,” said António Saleiro, president of the Associação Nacional dos Revendedores de Combustíveis (ANAREC), fuel retailers association.

“Whether or not the fault lies with the oil companies or the government, fuel retailers are doing badly contrary to what people think. For three years running, garages have suffered from the same narrow profit margins and the winner in this game is the government because they claim more taxes,” he added.