Fuel entity holds meeting to try and calm oil and gas concerns

Fuel entity holds meeting to try and calm oil and gas concerns

ENMC – the national fuel entity which has agreed controversial plans for oil and gas exploration the length and breadth of the Algarve – will hold a meeting in Faro next Tuesday (January 12) in a bid to calm the almost unanimous opposition mounted by civic groups, local authorities and national and foreign residents.

“This event will try to provide a more complete explanation for the general public, and demystify some wrong ideas about the Algarve’s oil and gas exploration plans,” explained an announcement on ENMC’s website.

Speakers will include representatives from Repsol, Eni, Galp, Partex and Portfuel – the companies that have been granted prospection licences which now almost everyone in the Algarve is demanding should be revoked.

The ENMC announcement comes in a week when even national leader pages are supporting the anti-oil lobby.

University lecturer Luciano Amaral was given a column in Correio da Manhã on Monday to highlight the growing petition on the national “petição pública” website calling for a ‘Tavira without oil’.

Elsewhere, regional group ASMAA is mounting a door-to-door campaign to raise two anti-oil petitions in each borough council, while local mayors have all reiterated their opposition to the plans.

Thus the ENMC will have an uphill struggle when it faces the public. Their event is due to start at 6pm at the University of the Algarve’s Escola Superior de Saúde.

Anyone keen to attend should send an email to [email protected] by Friday (January 8).