Frustration at the roundabouts

Dear Editor,

I know that you have probably had letters in this vein previously, but I have to express my disgust at the number of GNR stops there are on roundabouts here in the Algarve.

Firstly the danger issue. If I tried to park on a roundabout, I would be summarily fined and moved on without a moment’s hesitation.However, it seems that it is OK for the GNR to use roundabouts as car parks.

Then there is the inconvenience issue. I have friends in business (thankfully I am retired) who are frequently late for work because they have been stopped by the GNR for a paperwork check.

I thought that this was a country in crisis that needs its citizens to work. Let them work then! Stop harassing them through unnecessary checks between 8am and 9am in the morning.

And one last plea to the GNR – please give the white van man a break. Does he really need to be stopped every morning for the same checks?

I am all for being law abiding, but really. The GNR have a tough job, but our respect for them would be so much stronger if the force was directed by people who cared about the regard in which the police force is held.

Mrs S. Clinton

By email