Friends share passion for art

news: Friends share passion for art

AN EXHIBITION of artworks by Grupo Pitágoras is being held in St. Julian’s School art gallery until February 4. Ló, Teresa and Ormond, members of the group, bring the exhibition and tribute to Jorge Garizo do Carmo, a former member who sadly succumbed to cancer, for the students and staff of the school to enjoy.

Founded in 1989, Grupo Pitágoras had the genial idea of taking their artwork to the far-flung provinces of Portugal, while inviting artists resident in those provinces to join them in exhibiting. The project was so well accepted that, for two years, Pitágoras’ exhibitions were organised and hosted by more than 20 municipal and private galleries throughout the country.

Although the group disbanded in 1991, it remained closely linked through friendship and art. Teresa and Ormond began a new project, entitled ‘Arte em Movimento’ (Art in Movement), but soon faced the pressures of finding new venues and artists.

The exhibition at St. Julian’s aims to join the three good friends in a homage to Jorge, and show young students how a group of friends, with good ideas, can share a passion for art by working together.

The works on show have been recently produced and those by Jorge are among the last he made. The exhibition is also accompanied by literature from the early days of Grupo Pitágoras.