Friends desperate to find missing Austrian “possibly suffering from psychosis”

Friends of 28-year-old Austrian Julia Weinert are desperate for news of her whereabouts.

Described as a “very sweet person with a heart of gold”, Julia went inexplicably missing from a friend’s van near the west coast (Pedralva) at the end of June, and hasn’t been in contact with anyone who knows her since.

She left all her possessions, identity documents, wallet etc. behind, and was wearing just a shirt (grey), shorts (brown) and flip flops.

Online messages have been widely shared, posters put up throughout the region, but so far ‘nothing’.

The friend she was staying with, Tybo Gaggero, tells us he reported her missing on the morning after her disappearance (sometime between 5pm and 9pm on June 28).

Gaggero had left her with his dog to go to a concert in Burgau the night before.

Julia had apparently said she didn’t want to go to the concert but would stay behind and walk the dog.

When Gaggero came home, the dog had broken from his leash and Julia was nowhere to be seen.

“I looked for her till about 3am”, he tells us. “I found the dog almost immediately, but found no sign of Julia”.

Gaggero has been in touch with Julia’s family members, who in turn have alerted the Austrian embassy.

Said Gaggero, Julia had recently had a car crash and was definitely affected by it. She had also been struggling with depression “but was getting better”.

It is possible she is suffering from some kind of psychosis, as there was no obvious reason for her to vanish. Her friend admits to being “worried sick”, as is her family who are in touch with him for news “almost every day”.

Meantime, sightings have been ‘coming in’, though none have been confirmed.

The most plausible seem to suggest Julia may be in the Odemira/ Vila Nova de Milfontes region.

She is a graphic designer by profession, and “very good at making dreamcatchers” – handmade hanging ornaments inspired by Native American cultures, and usually decorated with beads and feathers.

Anyone who thinks they might have information on Julia’s whereabouts should contact police on 112, or visit any of the facebook sites currently discussing this mystery.

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