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Friend of the Devil


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Friend of the Devil, is out in hardback at 23.50 euros.

When Karen Drew is found sitting in her wheelchair staring out to sea with her throat cut, DI Annie Cabbot gets lumbered with the case.

Back in Eastvale that same Sunday morning, 19-year-old Hayley Daniels is found raped and strangled in the Maze, a tangle of narrow alleys behind Eastvale’s market square, after a drunken night on the town with a group of friends, and DCI Alan Banks is called in.

Banks finds suspects galore, while Annie hits a brick wall – until a breakthrough spins her case in a shocking and surprising new direction, one that also involves Banks.

Then another incident occurs, which seems to link the two cases in a bizarre and mysterious way. As Banks and Annie dig into the past to uncover the deeper connections, it soon becomes clear that there are two killers in their midst and that, at any moment, either one might strike again.