Friday 13th: new ‘record’ number of new infections, 69 deaths

Friday 13th has brought a ‘new record’ in the number of new infections in Portugal in the last 24-hour period, along with 69 further deaths.

The crushing majority of new cases have been registered in the north (+4,061). This is followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (+1,733) new cases, the centre (+626), the Alentejo (+114) and Algarve (+86).

With new infections flagged to a much lesser extent in the Azores and Madeira (+19 and +14 respectively), today’s total for new infections is a grim 6,653.

The last 24-hours have seen a small increase in hospital admissions (+5) and the same increase of patients taken into ICUs.

The deaths reflect the areas with the highest number of cases: most were in the north (32), followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (27), the centre (8), Alentejo (1) and Algarve (1).

Again, the autonomous regions – which have super strict rules for anyone entering their territories – have not registered any new deaths for some time now.

Hospital admissions are at 2,799. Numbers in ICUs national have reached 388 (ie they are still below the worst case scenarios and predictions of recent days) – and recoveries in the last 24-hours EXCEED the number of ‘active cases’ (+3,693 against +2,891 active cases).

To date 117,382 people have ‘recovered’ from Covid-19 in Portugal, while 84,032 have it (of which just under 2,800 are in hospital).

Portugal’s death toll since March today stands at 3,250.

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