Friday 13 heralded first Oeiras Esoteric Fair .jpg

Friday 13 heralded first Oeiras Esoteric Fair

THE FULL Moon on Friday 13 couldn’t have been a better day on which to open a fair devoted to everything psychic and linked to the occult and paranormal.

There are stalls selling all kinds of alternative remedies and potions from those to attract the love of one’s life to removing an evil eye curse. Whether interested in crystals to heal and balance the energies or having your tarot cards read to reveal the secrets of the future, there is something for everyone at Fundação de Oeiras. The fair is certainly worth a visit! C.G.

What: 1st Feira Esotérica

de Oeiras

When: the fair runs until January 22

Where: Fundação de Oeiras (by the station)

Cost: two euros per person