Fresh water swimming

BY-ELECT LDA are offering a new solution for swimming pools that not only cuts down on expensive maintenance costs involved in salt water and chlorine pool systems but also makes swimming in the pool a more enjoyable experience.

A unique method of blending oxygen rich compounds which then activate copper ions keeps pool water clear.

The copper ions are created by passing a small direct current between electrodes and the electrodes can be installed simply into a filter basket on the pump of the swimming pool.

Ions are able to act as an effective disinfectant within the water which is able to eliminate algae, even in busy complex or hotel pools, without needing to use chlorine.

Charles Beresford, a partner in the company, told the Algarve Resident: “Although this system is new in the Algarve it has been around in the US and South Africa for many years now and it was the brother of my partner John Byron who actually developed the system over 30 years ago.”

He added: “This system is not only suitable for the pool, it has also been used by NASA as a way of maintaining freshwater supplies.”

For further information about BY–ELECT LDA, please call Charles Beresford on 967 160 924 or John Byron on 918 926 158.