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Fresh quality food all year round

Lagoa’s international supermarket branch of Intermarché has been supplying its customers with a variety of fresh quality produce from around the world for more than 10 years.

Intermarché stocks a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, a butcher’s counter, a fresh fish section with live shellfish and crabs, a delicatessen with cooked meats, cheeses and patés as well as a rotisserie with cooked chickens and other hot meats.

The store also has a comprehensive freezer section with imported goods including British bread, bacon and sausages and luxury ice creams.

Intermarché stocks a range of specialist foods catered directly to foreign residents and visitors such as baked beans, fresh cream, Indian and Chinese sauces and condiments and much more.

As well as food, the supermarket also has a range of other goods including electrical appliances, kitchen ware, toys and clothes. Clients visiting Intermarché can also take advantage of numerous small shops including a newsagent that supplies a comprehensive range of foreign publications and daily newspapers, a hairdressing salon, florists, café and more. Intermarché has free, secure car parking facilities for customers and their multilingual staff are always happy to help.

Intermarché is open daily from 8.30am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 8.30am until 1pm on Sunday. For more information, please telephone 282 380 320 or visit the website, available in Portuguese only, at