Fresh air fanatics

Lars Liljenberg, owner of TecnoTherm in Montes de Alvor, and his daughter Susanne, who joined the business earlier this year, have this to say about their business: “Providing the perfect indoor climate control has been our aim now for over 25 years. Through experience we have found that Carrier produces the most complete range of equipment world-wide.” Lars first came to the Algarve over 30 years ago from Sweden. He initially followed in the family footsteps, building houses. This brought the need for air conditioning systems to his attention and he soon started installing pool heating, solar heating and air conditioning. The climate in Portugal varies enormously over the year, from humid, cold and often wet winters to fiercely hot summers. So Lars suggests the silent Carrier three-in-one unit, which provides you with a dry and warm environment in winter and keeps you cool and fresh during the summer heat. As Lars says: “TecnoTherm provides the perfect indoor year round temperature. Don’t forget the first air you breathe as you enter Faro Airport is cared for by Carrier.”

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