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French tourists rescued after boat sinks near Praia dos Caneiros, Lagoa

Seven French tourists were rescued from a beach near Lagoa’s popular Praia dos Caneiros on Saturday afternoon (August 27) after the boat they were travelling in started to sink.

According to Portugal’s maritime authority (AMN), the boat was travelling too close to the coast and ended up caught in a swell.

None of the tourists were hurt, but they had to be rescued after being projected into the water and becoming stranded on a part of the beach that is inaccessible by foot.

Rescue teams were called at around 7pm by the beach’s lifeguards, who waited with the tourists while a jet ski was used to take them aboard a lifeboat.

The tourists, four women and three men, were then taken to Portimão’s marina. Their rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) was also towed to the marina.

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