French holidaymaker falls to her death in Madeira

A 30-year-old French tourist died after falling from a height of 30 metres in the mountainous area of Lombo das Faias, Porto Moniz in Madeira yesterday (July 20).

According to media reports, the victim was with her boyfriend and a canyoning instructor. The trio was apparently scouting the area when the woman “looked over a cliff, slipped and fell into a stream”.

The incident happened at around 11.45am.

A team of nine firefighters were sent to recover the body. PSP police were also called to the scene.

Canyoning is an outdoor sport that uses a variety of radical techniques to negotiate canyons and watercourses that run through mountain regions. A fast-growing sport, it has also led to a number of deaths, the most recent being that of a Portuguese man in Parque Gêres this year (click here).

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PHOTO: promotional shot of canyoning in Madeira