French health minister sends message of ‘calm’ regarding holidays in Portugal

After the  panic over holidays in Portugal created by France’s secretary of state for European Affairs (click here), the country’s health minister has transmitted what is being described today as a message of ‘calm’.

Talking to French radio in the choppy wake of the declarations by Clément Beaune yesterday, Olivier Véran said: “In Europe we have this Covid Digital Certificate which allows the circulation of vaccinated people, those who are protected. This is the message we have to retain. For this reason, people who reserve their holidays in Spain, Portugal or anywhere else should not enter into panic. From the moment they have their Covid Digital Certificate, they are equipped to travel and obviously they can circulate”.

Mr Véran’s ‘message of calm’ came a matter of hours after the European Union recommended against any non-essential journeys to Portugal, Spain and Cyprus on the basis of data coming out of the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

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