French artist Isabelle Zutte exhibits at Galeria Côrte-Real

Several beach and other outdoor scenes painted by French artist Isabelle Zutter are currently exhibited at Galeria Côrte-Real near Paderne. Capturing many aspects of southern European living, in 2012 the artist was awarded a prestigious bronze medal by the Salon of French Artists.

At this time of year many of the Algarve’s golden beaches – especially those along the west coast – are less busy than elsewhere in southern Europe. Although quieter in terms of crowds of people, when walking along an Algarve beach listen out for the phenomenon of the ‘singing sands’. Sometimes referred to as ‘whistling sand’, it is more like a high pitched squeak!

It is most easily discovered on beaches where the particles of sand are rounded and extremely small. Close to the water’s edge, where the sand has been washed by the tide and has recently dried out, the squeak can be heard at its loudest. Caused under the pressure of a footstep when the grains of sand are able to interlock and slide across each other. Moving in a lateral direction the noise is made by the constant locking and releasing of the particles.

Conversely on beaches where there is a high content of sharp, broken shells included in the sand – because the particles cannot interlock – there will be no sound at all!

Galeria Côrte-Real features paintings, ceramics, sculptures and unusual handmade souvenirs. Located in a traditional ‘quinta’, buried in the countryside, 20 minutes inland from the beaches of Albufeira, the gallery is signposted from Boliqueime, Ferreiras and Paderne. It is open Thursday to Sunday, 11am until 5pm.

Also visit Côrte-Real’s pop-up gallery located above estate agents Fine & Country in Carvoeiro.

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By Carolyn Kain

Photo: Painting by celebrated French artist Isabelle Zutter