Free Yoga and Reiki at Algarve’s new Holistic Fest

Free Yoga, Reiki and meditation demonstrations are just some of the attractions promised at the Holistic Fest Algarve, to be held next weekend (May 7-8) at Quinta dos Is in Barranco Longo, Algoz.

The event has been organised by Marco Águas, a Portuguese holistic practitioner who recently returned here after 10 years in Scotland.

“The public is showing more and more interest and curiosity in understanding how to obtain or achieve a more balanced and holistic approach to life,” he told us. “Having this hunger for discovery in mind, we decided to organise an event that promotes that goal.”

Águas adds that he hopes the festival – held in the beauty of unspoilt countryside – will “broaden people’s knowledge about holistic therapies as well as natural and organic products”.

“Energies created in rural areas are normally of higher vibration and much more special.”

The fest runs both days from 11am to 7pm.

Admission is free.

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