Free Wi-Fi offered at Portuguese airports

News that Portugal’s airports are now offering travelers free Wi-Fi will delight anyone who has ever been stranded in a foreign airport with only pay-as-you-go internet.

National airports authority ANA announced the news yesterday, saying passengers can now access free Wi-Fi “from the moment they arrive at the airport all the way to the departure lounge”.

To connect, all people need to do is follow a set of online instructions.

ANA said the decision was prompted by “passengers’ need to be connected” at all times, and that it hopes this will “directly contribute to the comfort and wellbeing” of their airport experience.

With any luck, airports in neighbouring Spain will take note. For now, anyone traveling through them is given just 15 minutes of free internet and then has to start paying.

For detailed information (in English) on how to access Portuguese airports’ free Wi-Fi connections, visit