Free screening at Portimão health exhibition

PROMOTION OF the importance of leading healthier lifestyles to avoid illness is the objective of Associação Internacional de Temperança, the international association for the control of eating habits, and Portimão Câmara in organising ‘Expo Saúde – Prevenção em Exposição’, a large health exhibition taking place between May 28 and 31, at Parque de Feiras e Exposições in Portimão.

Some of the tests that can be done at the exhibition’s stands, where natural remedies and essentials for a healthy lifestyle will also be presented, include cholesterol evaluation, blood sugar levels, cardiac risk, diet and percentage of body fat. In addition to these tests, visitors will also have the opportunity to evaluate their propensity for osteoporosis, have an oral health examination and undergo eye and hearing tests.

All these tests are completely free and can be taken on May 28 and 29, between 4pm and 9pm, and on May 30 and 31, between 9.30pm and 11pm.

There will also be a series of seminars taking place during the exhibition, with health experts speaking on subjects such as cancer, diabetes and heart illnesses. Children haven’t been forgotten and there will be a special area of educational activities.