Free online seminar on cryptocurrency for real estate

Free online seminar on cryptocurrency for real estate

Event to be held online on April 20 at 7pm

Expat Centre Portugal will host a free online seminar with the theme ‘Why use cryptocurrency for real estate transactions in Portugal?’ on Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm.

“Currently there is no taxation on some transactions made with cryptocurrency in Portugal, making it a desirable living and working country for crypto enthusiasts and long-term holders,” Expat Centre Portugal says.

“When moving to Portugal, expats that want to purchase real estate or do any other investment may face difficulties with their current registration and banking partners to convert a large amount of cryptocurrency,” it adds.

Keynote speaker Ricardo Filipe from Luso Digital Assets will explain how to meet regulatory requirements for real estate purchases and make the most out of holdings.

Along with co-speaker Dr. Leonor Valente Monteiro, lawyer and director at Martinez-Echevarria & Ferreira, the goal will be to provide all the legal framework that bank and business partners will be comfortable with to participate in cryptocurrency conversions.

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