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Free animal sterilisation campaigns

Free sterilisation campaigns for cats and dogs promoted by Lagos and Olhão Câmaras recently have exceeded expectations, with dozens of owners taking advantage of this initiative.

Lagos Câmara revealed that 141 animals were treated in its campaign, which was developed in collaboration with vets residing or working in the council area.

In total, 51 dogs (38 females and 13 males) and 90 cats (37 strays and 53 pets and cats fed on the streets by residents) underwent surgery.

A spokesman from Lagos Câmara said: “We would like to thank all the vets, nurses, and volunteers for their help in this campaign, which was very successful and extremely important for the welfare of the animals.”

The Olhão Municipality sterilisation campaign for cats, under the direction of municipal vet Dr Pedro Rego, saw 146 cats sterilised (96 females and 50 males).

“If we consider that on average each female could have at least four kittens, we can deduce that about 400 stray cats will not be born and thus increase the stray cats’ population in the council,” said Dr Pedro Rego.

Olhão Câmara praised members of the public for helping locate the animals.

A spokesman for Olhão Câmara said: “Citizens’ participation is very important for the success of these sterilisation campaigns. They have helped us in pinpointing the location of colonies of cats and also capturing them. The control of the colonies in the municipality is aimed at providing a better quality of life for the animals.”

He added: “The good results obtained will not be forgotten and we are already thinking of developing a new sterilisation campaign as soon as possible.”