Fraud continues

A house sold by Michael Lynn in Ireland is at the centre of the latest court proceedings surrounding the rogue lawyer.

The High Court in Ireland heard on February 9 that the Bank of Scotland was seeking a possession order on a house sold by Lynn who then failed to pass the money onto the bank.

Evidence was presented to Justice Elizabeth Dunne, including advertisements published in English-language newspapers in the Algarve by lawyers attempting to serve a copy of proceedings to Michael Lynn who they believe is still residing in the Algarve.

Meanwhile, two insurance companies have taken Commercial  Court proceedings against Michael Lynn and Fiona McAleenan, a solicitor in Michael Lynn´s law firm, in relation to claims that the pair must have been aware that they would be unable to comply with undertakings detailed in policies, thus acting fraudulently.

Fiona McAleenan is defending her case claiming that she was not a partner in the firm and therefore all liability should be placed solely with Michael Lynn.

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