“Francesinha” named one of Europe’s top 10 flavours

The “Francesinha”, Porto’s legendary meaty sandwich, has been considered one of “Europe’s top 10 flavours” by British website The Culture Trip.

The site describes the Francesinha as a “booming, stacked sandwich with layer upon layer of melted cheese, cut chipolata sausages, crusted ham slices, steaks and other meaty treats” – saying it is a “hearty meal of epic proportions, served up with a generous pile of French fries and doused in a trademark sauce”.

Café Santiago and Cufra Grill Restaurant are named as two of the places to enjoy “the finest Francesinhas” that Porto has to offer.

Elsewhere on the list are Belgian waffles and chocolate, Hungarian goulash, Spanish paella, German beer, Italian pizza and wine, Icelandic hot dogs and Croatian truffles.