Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels

France advises citizens against holidays in Portugal and Spain

France is today reported to be ‘advising’ its citizens against trips to Portugal and Spain.

The French secretary of state for European Affairs Clement Baune has described the situation in both countries as “particularly worrying”, adding that “a tightening of measures” with regard to travel could be imminent (within “the coming days”).

Right now, in other words, it is simply ‘advice’. But it is clearly also a warning to French people in both countries that ‘changes are on the way’. They could soon be facing quarantine when they return home.

The rapid spread of the Delta variant is the issue. Portugal yesterday registered the highest number of daily positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 since February (3,285), while Spain totted up more than three times that number in the same 24-hour period (17,384).

Mr Baune told France 2 television: “those who have not yet made holiday reservations” should “avoid” Portugal and Spain, especially the region of Catalonia.

“It is better to stay in France, or go to other countries”, he said.

The latest ‘blow’ to Portugal’s hopes for ‘any kind of summer’ with regard to foreign visitors comes as the UK is revising its guidance and opening up to countries, Portugal included, on the proviso that travellers are fully-vaccinated (click here).

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