Fracking vote sees all Portugal’s centre-right MEPs “voting in favour”

“Shame on them” is the verdict passed by anti-oil campaigners as a vote in the European Parliament saw all Portugal’s centre-right MEPs voting in favour of fracking – the controversial process for ‘striking’ shale gas linked to several adverse environmental results, including earthquakes.

The vote took place earlier this month, and was based on a bid to outlaw fracking throughout the EU.

Seven Portuguese MEPs voted against but all the PS Socialist members, plus MEPs representing MPT (the earth party), PCP (communists) and PDR (democratic republican party) voted in favour.

Commenting on the results, the Algarve’s anti-oil campaign run by ASMAA (Algarve surf and marine activities association) said “although the vote is not legally binding, opponents of fracking described it as a significant victory for the anti-fracking movement in Europe”.

The motion “not to allow any new hydraulic fracturing operations” in member states was carried by 347 votes with 298 against and a significant 49 abstentions.

ASMAA has ‘named and shamed’ the pro-fracking MEPs, appealing to people to write to them and “strongly voice” their thoughts.

The MEPs were: Carlos Coelho, José Manuel Fernandes, Nuno Melo, Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar, Paulo Rangel, Sofia Ribeiro and Fernando Ruas.

Email contact details for all of them can be found on ASMAA’s campaign website.

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