Fourth naval boat sunk for Portimão underwater park

A former research vessel Almeida Carvalho was purposely sunk last weekend three miles off the Alvor coast as part of Portimão’s underwater park Ocean Revival which has already received 4,500 visitors.

The ship will be an added attraction to the three former Portuguese Navy ships which make up the park.

The high number of visitors that have been registered since the first ship was sunk in October last year are a guarantee of success for the project, which aims to create an artificial reef for divers across the world, according to the man behind the idea Luis Sá Couto.

The objective of Ocean Revival is to “stimulate local economy all year long”, said a source from the Portimão municipal authority, which is also related to the development of the project.

The research vessel, which was in service for 34 years, was sunk by using explosives.