Four-year jail term (suspended) for enforced piri-piri vaginal douche

In a case that would make anyone flinch, a 43-year-old woman who ‘kidnapped’ her former husband’s girlfriend and poured “a large quantity” of piri-piri sauce into her vagina has been handed a four-year jail sentence, suspended.

Judges at Santarém court found Paula Serafim guilty of the crimes of kidnap, theft and aggravated duress.

The case goes back to 2011, and according to tabloid reports, Serafim’s partner in crime, a Brazilian by the name of Sandro Souza, has “disappeared”.

Not so Paula Serafim who has now had her name and details of her attack splashed over national and local papers (click here).

Serafim’s victim, however, remains unidentified, and we are not informed whether she considers the verdict a just one.

At the trial, judges heard the attack left her traumatised, and that the piri-piri douche caused “a great deal of pain”.

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