Four tourists arrested for passing fake money

Four foreign tourists, believed to be of British nationality, were arrested on suspicion of passing counterfeit money in Carvoeiro, Lagoa, in the early hours of Sunday, May 6.

In total, six fake €50 notes were seized by the GNR from a local restaurant and bars believed to have been passed by the same individuals, aged between 35 and 50. It was after a local bar owner became suspicious of a note used by the suspects to pay the bar bill that he alerted the authorities.

Although the group of holidaymakers had left the bar when the GNR arrived, they were able to trace the suspects and arrest them.

Police authorities have not confirmed the identity or nationality of the suspects, however, local witnesses have reported them as British.

Polícia Judiciária are now investigating the crime as there are suspicions that more counterfeit money was passed in the region by the suspects.

The suspects were due to appear in court this week.