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Four people drown trying to save children from sea

TWO OF the Britons who drowned off the coast near Sagres in the Algarve while trying to rescue children from the sea have been named.

Neighbours in the couple’s home town of  Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire said they were Bob and Deborah Fry.

They were among a number of parents who dived into the sea late Monday afternoon to save a group of youngsters who had got into trouble.

A British woman and a German man also drowned attempting to reach the pair and the German man’s daughter.

View of Tonel beach in Sagres.
View of Tonel beach in Sagres.

The Blue Flag beach at Praia do Tonel, where the incident happened, is normally manned by lifeguards but the official bathing season ended last month. Local officials said there was a sign warning holidaymakers there was no lifeguard on the beach.

The coast guard was reportedly on the scene within seven minutes of the alarm being raised. An airforce helicopter was also sent. Witnesses said the emergency services did all they could to try revive the victims.

One of those who died was picked up by a lifeboat and the other three were washed ashore by waves.

But local emergency services were unable to revive any of them. All the children originally in trouble in the seas survived.