Four injured in car crash near Carvoeiro

Four people were injured this morning (August 10) after two cars collided near traffic lights at Poço Partido near Carvoeiro.

The accident happened at around midday after one of the drivers is believed to have “ignored a right-of-way sign,” Faro GNR police spokesperson Carlos Bengala told the Resident.

Bengala confirmed that four people, one of them Portuguese and the others foreign, have been taken to Portimão Hospital.

None are believed to be seriously injured, he added.

Traffic was cut off on the EN124 road for 40 minutes while authorities took details.

It was the second violent car crash in two days in the area following the accident on the EN125 nearby in which two people were killed and a family of four French holidaymakers were seriously injured (click here U-turn in heavy traffic behind latest deaths on EN125 between Lagoa-Porches).