Four dead in shooting in Setúbal

“Discussion between pigeon fanciers” ends in bloodbath

Four people are dead following a shooting in the Bela Vista area of Setúbal today. The  victims were all in their late 50s-60s, says SIC television news (other news sources say ages ranged from 30s-60s). It is believed the eldest of the group shot the others, then himself, following a heated argument. All four men are understood to have been pigeon fanciers (breeders of racing pigeons).

The incident was called in at 8am this morning. When police arrived at the scene – an area with various allotments – the four men lay dead.

A source from the PJ has told Lusa: “the origin of this case was a conflict between a group of pigeon fanciers” who also have allotments.

The bodies have been taken for autopsy (particularly to establish the theory that one shot all the others, then himself). So too has the shotgun, again to establish the police theory.

“Everything indicates this was an isolated incident with some matter to resolve between them. It doesn’t have anything to do with the neighbourhood”, said PSP commissioner Andreia Gonçalves.

It goes without saying that mass shootings of any kind are extremely unusual in Portugal, even less among pigeon fanciers.

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