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Four casino resorts you can’t miss on your next trip to Portugal

There are many things to consider when making a jump to new surroundings. Whether it’s for business or leisure, we all have that one thing that can prove to be a deal-breaker or make that trip less enjoyable.

If by chance you happen to be an American tourist staying in Portugal for a while, then this could come in handy. If you’re a casino lover, then this guide is especially for you.

Of course, places like Nevada and New Jersey need no introduction when it comes to casino enthusiasts. Being more specific and looking at Las Vegas and Reno, it’s almost a commonplace to see at least one casino in every community.

Portugal might not boast states and cities with the same exact passion as the above mentioned but there are more than many spots to give any tourist out there a good gambling experience.

Out of all the numerous locations and centres out there, popular online casino resource Mister Casino has narrowed it down to the best four casino resorts all tourists must visit to have a swell time. All factors that weigh into a fantastic time out were taken into account.

Hotel Casino Chaves

Chaves has a very unique location at the very northeast of Portugal and also close to the same border with Spain. The small and cosy city is famous for its abundance in meals and lots of sites for tourists to explore.

The city’s casino is part of a large combination of multiple gambling houses in Portugal namely Solverde. Hotel Casino Chaves also offers accommodation services and provides a lot of other leisure facilities. Included is a spa, restaurant, and concert venue.

This venue is still relatively new so the interior is modern. Their game room is equipped with everything you need from poker tables, French bones, roulette, slot machines and so much more.

Casino Estoril

The most famous casino of Portugal and the largest casino in Europe is Casino Estoril. This is within the Lisbon-Estoril gaming zone, and this is perhaps one of the more popular casinos in the country and one that tourists love to play in. Their Slot Machine Room is considered to be the largest confinement ever to house a thousand slots in one casino.

Casino da Póvoa

Casino da Póvoa is another top casino resort located in the Póvoa de Varzim region. Different card tables, slots and other casino games are on offer and they also boast an excellent dining area with a nice scenery to go with.

Hotel Algarve Casino

Could come as slightly more expensive than all of the above but it’s definitely worth it. Hotel Algarve Casino has been in existence for decades and was recently refurbished with a casino on the ground floor. At this venue, guests can play different systems of Blackjack, roulette, or try their luck with the slot machines and table games. They are well known for their exquisite musical shows on display that adds more glam to the whole experience. To make things better, they have a very large menu lust for guests to choose from and there is a nice sea view just outside.

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