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Forty challenging years

DECO turned 40 on February 12. It was four decades ago that DECO was formed, only a couple months before the April Revolution, to fight for a cause that was practically unknown in Portugal – the rights of consumers.
The association was fuelled by some people’s need to intervene civically, no matter the reigning dictatorship, and contribute to the construction of a modern society in which consumers have acknowledged rights and duties.
Throughout its journey, DECO has also contributed towards carrying out studies which compare the quality and prices of different products and services available on the market, and provided all the necessary information to help consumers think for themselves. Throughout 2014, DECO will remember not only the most memorable moments of its history, which are mostly known as its achievements in terms of consumer protection and promoting a quality life-style, but also look ahead to the tough challenges the future may have in store in terms of consumers’ rights and interests.
DECO invites all of its associates and consumers in general to participate in the 40th anniversary celebrations, which will be taking place all across the country with the support of its regional delegations.
You can now access the association’s special webpage to find out more about the anniversary celebrations.