Fortress wall illuminated

ALMOST ONE kilometre of the Lagos fortress wall is illuminated by 76 lights included in the recently inaugurated leisure facility, Parque das Cidades.

The wall was built more than 500 years ago and the illumination of this monument was an old dream of Lagos Câmara representatives. This came true when they managed to include the wall in a national plan for the restoration of the most historical areas in many Portuguese cities, the Programa Polis.

Now, in an area of about 42,000 square metres, the new Parque das Cidades offers a redesigned leisure complex where people can walk, run and ride or just spend quality time along the centenary wall.

Programa Polis has now progressed to a second stage in the city with modernisation works expected by the riverside. The request for a project is still in the initial stage of selecting companies. This last investment is estimated at 1.7 million euros and includes a new library for Lagos.

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