Armando Vara
Armando Vara left jail in 2021, benefiting from a pardon brought in due to the pandemic (when authorities wanted to reduce numbers in jails) Image: Nuno Veiga/ Lusa

Former Socialist minister and banker gets another five years in jail

Armando Vara has had another really bad day. The former PS minister for sport who went on to vice-chairman of Millennium bank (and then be prosecuted for influence peddling) has already served three years of a five year sentence for his part in the so-called Face Oculta case. Now, he has been slapped with a new ‘single sentence of five years and one month’ in a decision that combines the sentences received in Face Oculta and Operation Marquês (money laundering). The confusion today, explain reports, is that no one can say for sure how much of this sentence Armando Vara will actually have to serve, bearing in mind he has already spent three years in jail. Some calculations suggest he may only need to spend a month in jail. Less optimistic forecasts hazard a guess at two years and a month. The sentence is also ‘appealable’, says Lusa news agency.