Former SEF  inspectors responsible for Ukrainian’s death refuse to accept jail terms

Continue to fight appeals process while under ‘house arrest’

In spite of being condemned to jail terms – and seeing those jail terms confirmed (even increased in one case) on appeal to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice – the three former borders agency inspectors found guilty of causing the death of Ukrainian job seeker Ihor Homeniuk continue to refuse to accept their sentences.

The trio remain under house arrest, wearing electronic bracelets, while the next phase of this long, drawn-out, legal process continues.

The men heard only last week that there was no chance of any kind of lighter sentence. 

Judge Maria Teresa de Almeida of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice outlined the injuries inflicted on Mr Homeniuk in March 2020, saying the pain “was simply horrible”, leading to the father-of-two’s agonising death.

As reports have explained, the previous tally of eight broken ribs was updated to 14 within the fine print of ruling.

“Imagine the pain felt by the victim resulting from 14 broken ribs in an area essential for inhaling and exhaling”, said the text.

Thus Luís Silva and Bruno Sousa heard their nine year jail terms are to remain, and Duarte Laja, originally given a seven year term, heard this has now been extended to match the penalities of his colleagues.

Ihor Homeniuk’s family had been hoping for even longer sentences, and the upgrading of the offence from grievous bodily harm to murder.

But now, they will have to watch and wait again as reports explain the guilty men are expected take their appeals to the Constitutional Court and international bodies.